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Re: Correct Answer

At 23:10 10/15/97 -0400, you wrote:
Now, to make it more interesting, suspend one end of a 200 cm rod from an
overhead support by means of a vertical string that is only 2 cm long.
Now... attach a horizontal string to the top end of the rod and another
horizontal string to the bottom of the rod with a 1 kg brass weight
attached to the free end of each of these two strings (using Kowalski
pulleys) to apply equal and opposite horizontal forces to the rod ends.

Herb Gottlieb from New York City
(Where we doubt that the 2 cm string will still be be vertical after the
adjustments are made and the system reaches equilibrium)

Tongue in cheek question:
does Herb harbor doubts as to the verticality of the short suspension
due to the brass material used for the horizontal forces?


brian whatcott <>
Altus OK