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LK> which e-mailer is better?

Both Brian and Jim convinced me that it is time to say good bye to my old
main-frame-based mailer (used for at least 15 years) in favor of a better
Mac-based tool. I am hesitating between Eudora and Netscape 3. Which one
is better and why? What else is worth considering?
Ludwik Kowalski

My reader (Eudora) ... allows immediate sorting on each of these headings,
and most valuable, permits a filtering action, which people often use to
discard mail from particular people unread ... It gives access to the
subject line, of course ...

However, Eudora is not the end all and be all of mailers -- even the
spell checker of the Pro version is a bit stupid. But it is much smarter
than *I* am.