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Really enjoyed the poetry. It was nicely done. Sent to Theresa to get it back
to Rita. As Lucy no doubt told you, she's been denying it, but she also denied
saying it to Joe at the reunion, but a number heard her on that occasion.

I've been referring to her as "La Vecchia Bugiarda", the old (lady) liar. She
still denies it, but is not terribly convincing.

She thought I went a bit far by reading it to my mother. Then she really
started back tracking. She called my mother to deny it. My mother has a
pretty good sense of humor. I visited her tonight at the nursing home and read
the poem. She got a kick out of it. She tried to talk me out of sending it as
she was afraid I'd offend Rita. I said, nuts, she started it by swearing at me
and everything else was fair game in "war".

Theresa's funny as you no doubt noticed at the reunion. We'll give La Vecchia
a good working over. Theresa, Mary Florence, Joe and John have been having a
good time together--rather a wild combination. The second cousins are having a
better time than we old first cousins did. Guess we just drifted apart over
the years. Still, the reunion was a nice opportunity to get together and re-
establish some contact.

Thanks again.


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