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Re: Two Fall Web Workshops

On Wed, 1 Oct 1997 00:07:29 Thomas P. Copley" <>
informed us about two WWW workshops (see below).

I did read the www references which describe the contents. Looks good. I
may sign for the more advanced workshop (the October-December session).
My goal is to learn how to interact with students via HTML documents and
to gain experience of being a student in a virtual school.

Can some information be provided about the way in which the workshops will
be conducted? For example, will e-mail help be available to individuals who
need it while practicing? You write "sign up for one session only, unless
you plan to take the workshop more than once". Does this mean that the access
to workshop documents will be cut after the last day? Does it mean we must
participate "synchroneousely" at specified times? What materials will be
provided? What books should we purchase, etc. etc. ? I want to learn how to
write and use CGI scripts. Is my experience with traditional programming
(in Fortran, Basic and Pascal) be sufficient to keep up with you?

Two workshops on the World Wide Web (WWW) for the beginner and slightly
more advanced user will be conducted this fall by Arlington Courseware.
Several sessions of each workshop are now open. Both are eight week
distance-learning workshops conducted entirely by HTML mail.

The cost is $20.
For further information, see the Make the Link. Workshop home page:

The cost is $40.
For additional information, see the Tune In Net. Workshop home page:

Tune In the Net Workshop