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Re: Computers

At 1:41 PM -0500 2/25/97, Richard W. Tarara wrote:
A couple more REAL differences between systems. Until system 8 (or
whatever Apple is going to call it) appears--where are all the Win95,96,97
jokes now ;-) --you can't get true multitasking on the Mac.

What do you mean by "true" multitasking? Macs have had multitasking since
the mid '80s. True, it is a cooperative type of mutlitasking that relies
on the good graces of the programmers, and there are some propeller heads
who claim pre-emptive multitasking is better (which is why Apple's NeXT
operating system will be pre-emptive), but Macs have had multitasking for a
long time. For example, I can serve web pages, ftp sessions, serve mail
with POP3 and SMTP, print (either locally or over the network), download
e-mail, copy files, share a public folder on my hard drive, browse the web,
and crunch numbers all simultaneously on my Mac. I see some slowdown if I
try to do too much at once, but that's to be expected; and the stability is
quite good (very few crashes).

When I started teaching here there was only one Macintosh in the Natural
Science division (our division has 20 members); now there are 13 Mac
people, some are new hires, others are converts who would never go back to
the Wintel platform willingly.


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