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Re: Computers

On Wed, 26 Feb 1997, Richard W. Tarara wrote:

> Actually it's the 'Be' OS that they bought and have been toying with
> adopting.
This is not correct.  The Be OS people (Gasse in particular) did negotiate
with Apple over it becoming the next os for Apple.  This was dropped.  The
Be OS will "run" on a Mac and is targeted for the Motorola Power PC
Apple did buy NeXT and has announced that the Mach kernel will be the
kernel for their upgrades.  For full details on the blue box the red box
etc see their web site.  The Mach kernel is also used by MkLinux so the
peripheral access code is pretty much complete.

> Haven't we all learned that the MARKET is everything--technical superiority
> matters not if the product is not marketed properly.
I haven't learned that yet.  I will admit that the $600 million that
Microsoft spends telling us that MARKET is everything and that you will be
LEFT BEHIND has made this one of the unquestioned "truths" or mantras in
the technology world.

> prices and through intense marketing.  (It also doesn't hurt that they have
> an entire (free) newservice with hundreds of newsgroups covering all
> aspects of all their products, maintain very extensive web sites, offer
> instant upgrades for most products over the net [until the next major
> release], and offer a state of the art web browser FREE to all--not just
> academics.) 
It also doesn't hurt that most computer journalism hacks like to follow
the pack.  The exception, in my mind, being Byte magazine and Info World.

> Apple marketed academia very smartly early on while IBM did not.  As we see
> in this discussion, much of the loyalty to one product or the other comes
> from to which machine one first became accustomed.
Do you have some evidence for this .... market studies......
 My first
personal computer was an early X machine.  I use X for some things, the
mac for others and wintel for still others.  

> many others have said) that there is no one 'best' system.  I just hope all
> the Mac fans don't end up with drawers full of useless 'Amiga (aka Mac)'
> software like I did.  
Of course if microsoft falls to the java gods