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INNUMERACY, was Re: Use of Calculators

At 06:35 PM 2/24/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi Physics Phriends,
>Of course, when I'm feeling mischievous at a particularly slow cashier, I
>wait until the register says that the change is $2.63 when I give her/him a
>10 dollar bill for a $7.37 purchased.  Then I say, oh, here's 37 cents.
>Talk about INNUMERACY.
>Bye, DiRT
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INNUMERACY - I went to the store with a handful of coupons - most of them
"normal" - 50 cents off, etc, but one gaot me 10% off the TOTAL purchase.

The cashier had no idea why I wanted the 10% off rung up PRIOR to all the
cents off coupons credited.

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