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Re: Programmable Calculator Policies

Make tests that examine understanding and concepts rather than memorized facts. 

Roger Pruitt

>These days programmable calculators have gotten really sophisticated.
>The TI-82 allows one to store text notes and equations while the TI-92
>can solve equations symbolically and even find integrals symbolically.
>Some students have made it their business to try to use these features in
>my high school honors as well as AP classes.  In my opinion, such
>activity is plain dishonesty and a sheer waste of time that could have
>been used for real studying.
>I now have a policy of erasing students' calculator memories before
>tests or to do without the calculator if the students scream.  In
>addition, as much as possible, I try to make test questions that do not
>require the use of a calculator.
>What are some of your comments or policies concerning programmable
>calculators?  I would like to hear from both high school and college
>Pang-Chieh Chou
>Elkins High School
>Missouri City, TX