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Re: Programmable Calculator Policies

Make tests that examine understanding and concepts rather than memorized facts.

Roger Pruitt

These days programmable calculators have gotten really sophisticated.
The TI-82 allows one to store text notes and equations while the TI-92
can solve equations symbolically and even find integrals symbolically.

Some students have made it their business to try to use these features in
my high school honors as well as AP classes. In my opinion, such
activity is plain dishonesty and a sheer waste of time that could have
been used for real studying.

I now have a policy of erasing students' calculator memories before
tests or to do without the calculator if the students scream. In
addition, as much as possible, I try to make test questions that do not
require the use of a calculator.

What are some of your comments or policies concerning programmable
calculators? I would like to hear from both high school and college

Pang-Chieh Chou
Elkins High School
Missouri City, TX