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Re: Big Bang from Big Black Hole

Regarding both black holes and singularities...My son gave me a great
little (170 pg) book by Stephen Hawkings entitled "The Cambridge
Lectures." It is a series of 7 lectures by Hawkings and also comes with
the same lectures on audio tape. I listen to it on the way to and from
work. His explanations are clear, concise (see thread on Hubble), and
easy to follow. He explains the arguements for and against
singularities. He also gives a great summation of how we have arrived at
the present theories. The book and cassettes sell for $24.95 and have an
ISBN of 0-7871-0678-X. I'm thinking of extracting parts to dub onto
another tape for my classes and constructing overheads to illustrate the
ideas. Need to clear the copywrite of course.

Ray Rogoway
Independence High School