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Re: counter-steering, with numbers

Leigh, do you have some good references on the turning mechanism
that you described?

No. I have the Bicycling Science book, however. It is quite useful.
The turning phenomenon is self evident if you try the experiments I
suggested. I did these with five of my students on Monday (I have a
small group of physics majors I meet with once a week to do topics
that don't normally arise in their courses). Just try them. I, too,
made a bicycle with extended fork. It is a feat to ride it, not at
all like a good, well configured bicycle. Radical mountain bikes
are in the same category so far as I am concerned. I have a
permanent shoulder injury obtained by taking a header on King's
Parade in Cambridge in 1994 when I braked my "mountain bike" too
hard. It was too small for me, but the problem would not have arisen
on a standard road bike. They aren't called "safety bicycles" for