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binary attachments (was Re: e-field software?)

Date: Sun, 2 Feb 97 17:55:23 EDT

Am I the only one who can not read the last part of the message posted by
Dan MacIsaac on February 1? I assume it is a binary coded file. What should
I do to read it on my Macintosh? Ludwik Kowalski

It is a typical Microsoft "feature" -- software that defaults to sending
a proprietary format that is not readable by any other software. In this
particular case, it is the proprietary format for MS Exchange (or the
latest name-of-the-week, as they keep changing it). If the Exchange client
has been ported to Mac-OS, you can read it by purchasing a copy. If it
hasn't, it is merely binary bloat for you as it is for everyone else not
using that Microsoft product.

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