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Re: Put Feynman on a Stamp!

Date: Sat, 26 Oct 1996 18:48:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: William Beaty <>

Dear Friends of Tuva and Fans of Richard Feynman,

You might think it's a no brainer that Feynman should be
honored with a stamp:
<dele lauds>
But no: I learned that
Richard Feynman was considered last year by the Citizens Stamp
Advisory Committee, and was rejected! Apparently, although enough
people had written in on their own for him to be considered, there
was not enough organized support for him to gain approval.

Is this true? Bloated, drug-abusing singers and pneumatic, drug-abusing
actresses get stamps for being popular. Is popularity among the mind-
and brainless the key, or is it the drug abuse that does it? Only in
the US: proud of droppings and ashamed of jewels.

PS I forgot to mention crooks that resign from office under pressure.

PPS The Mathematical Intelligencer has a regular column about stamps
showing mathematicians and/or mathematical ideas. In the 12 years I've
subscribed, I don't remember any US stamps appearing there.

Phil Parker
The Clinton administration has compiled a record on individual
rights and freedoms---from habeus corpus to gay marriage and from
wire-tapping to file-gathering---that is breathtaking in both the
breadth and depth of its awfulness.---John Heilemann, Wired