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PAS Pricing

I just received the new catalogue from Physics Academic Software (the
makers of Electric Field Hockey, EM Field, and RelLab, among other
things) and was astounded at the increase in their prices. Last year I
bought a HS site license for VideoGraph for $400 and it now costs $750
(same version). Last spring I bought single copies of EM Field and
Electric Field Hockey for $70 each thinking I might want to get the $270
site licenses if I could scrape together $540 this year - it's now $140
for single copies and $700 each for site licenses. There's no way I can
get $1400 for software this year. (If I could, I don't think I'd choose
to spend it all on these two programs.) All of their prices have gone up

I used to praise this company for the quality of their software and the
affordability of their pricing. I now plan to write them to let them
know that they just lost a customer and an advocate - not because of any
vindictiveness on my part, I simply can't afford their product any more
and can't see advocating for them when I know my colleagues at other high
schools are also strapped for money.

I urge others to also write and let the company know what you think of
their new pricing.

David J. Hamilton, Ed.D. "And gladly wolde he lerne,
Franklin HS, Portland, OR and gladly teche." Geoffrey Chaucer