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Re: Air Table/Air Hockey

Stanley A Dodds writes:

We never had one of the big Ealing tables, but recently acquired a
partial substitute for demos. Air hockey tables work well, if you
replace the wimpy fan with a regular air track blower. They can be
big, also: Ours is 4 x 7 feet. Quite spectacular with an overhead TV
camera. The disadvantage is that they are not as flat as one would
like, so collisions etc. have to be fast to avoid confusing the issue
with drift.

I am thinking of purchasing an air hockey/pool table as an inexpensive
alternative to an airtrack. I was hoping to use this to demonstrate
collisions. Did I interpret your message correctly, is the blower not
strong enough? Is the surface not smooth enough for these demonstrations?

Tish Richey
500 South Gardner Street
Scottsburg High School
Scottsburg, Indiana 47170