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Re: E=hv Question

I suppose that when we say 'the energy levels in the atom are quantized' we
mean that the
energies of the electrons are restricted to certain values. These values
in turn restrict the
energies of photons given off.

Michael McInerney
Physics, Rose-Hulman, Terre Haute, IN

I agree and want to stress that I'm not disagreeing with anything
said on the list. I just want to point out that this probably isn't always
being explained (or, more importantly, received) in the same way to (by)
high school students. It's something for me to keep in mind as I teach
these concepts (just now getting to it in chemistry.)


-- Chris Clayton
(first year physical science teacher)
Mt. Zion Senior High School
305 S Henderson
Mt. Zion, IL 62549

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