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Re: E=hv Question

At 02:27 PM 10/11/96 -0400, George Spagna wrote:
At 01:29 PM 10/11/96 -0400, Tony Wayne wrote:
Given E=hv, when I increase the frequency I get more energy. What happens
if I increase the amplitude of the E&M waves? What does this affect?

The number of photons. Intensity is proportional to the square of the field
in classical e-m waves. Intensity is proportional to the number flux of
photons when you're counting photons.

If I read this right, then the *intensity* is quantized, not the
*energy*. I know that energy _levels_ are quantized in atoms. It just
strikes me because whenever these topics came up in my chemistry classes the
equation E=hv is referred to (or butchered as) the quantization of energy
and from the equation that is not at all obvious (and probably wrong).


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