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Re: e-mail symbols

Well, God preserve us from innovations! 8-) ;-\ :-( <%-)}

(The last one is wearing a pointy hat and, for some unfathomable
reason, a beard. 8-)

It is interesting to note that though Twain may not have used
emoticons, James Joyce did. See Finnegans Wake. Communication has
more than one channel.

My daughter calls them "emoticons". They are intended for use by the
group of people whose prosaic abilities range from the inarticulate
through the illiterate. It should be noted that competent writers of
the English language are capable of conveying such information as
emoticons are intended to convey in well constructed English prose,
even in colloquial forms which need not consist entirely of complete
sentences. I'm no Mark Twain, but he didn't use emoticons and neither
shall I.

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