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Re: Sorry

I wrote
Folks, I have read Dan's paper and I can give it the strongest
recommendation -- despite his misuse of the four letter word "heat" (:-)
he just simply refuses to listen to reason. (:-) The graphical
demonstration of T#2 is quite powerful and the classroom materials
seem very useful. Teachers all, take a good look, Jim Green

I missed the original reference, could you send again to the list?

Joel Rauber

After!! I sent this, I got the messages that were being quoted and had the
references. This seems to be a problem I have that I don't get phys-l
messages in temporal order. Do others have this problem? Is it a problem
with phys-l and how it sends out the messages or is it a problem with my
home institution network, in that they aren't forwarding to me in the
temporal order that they arrive. I've noticed a many hour reversal of
messages at times and if I recall correctly even a day reversal once.


It is a problem with how the Internet works. Messages never follow
the same route twice so some inevitably take a shorter route than
others and get there sooner. If the time interval between messages
was short enough, this may mean that those sent later arrive sooner
because the original ones may have followed a circuitous route or
perhaps were temporarily stored before being forwarded to the next
node (perhaps the machine was busy at the time it arrived).
If this happened to the first one but not the second then the second
may well arrive ahead of the first. This problem with out of sequence
packets is what makes streaming multimedia over the Internet such a
dificult problem to solve.

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