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Re: What Flows?

While I recognize this at the heart of what Jim and Leigh are arguing
against, let me quote from College Physics by Serway & Faughn:

"Heat (or thermal energy) is now defined as energy that is transferred
between a system and its environment because of a temperature difference
between them."


"Since heat is now recognized as a form of energy, scientists are
increasingly using the SI unit of energy, the joule(J), for quantities of

and later the quantity Q/(delta time) is call the "heat transfer rate,
(sometimes called the heat current)"

I offer these quotes from what I think IS the best selling College textbook
just to prove to myself that we who are comfortable with this nomenclature
aren't complete idiots. We may be 'wrong', but at least we're in good
company--(at least very RICH company)! ;-) (-;

From: Jim Green <>
This is a straw man; The problem arises because "heat" is used
as a verb, "Q" *and* as a noun, "dU" in the same paragraph. This is not
semantic -- it is not a matter of preference like deciding on whether
should match pants or shoes -- this is just dead wrong.