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Re: Why do you want LYNX

The Phys-L listserver software is objecting to this message,
presumably because the first word is "Put". That is a keyword for the
mailer. Let's see what happens if I waste some bandwidth first by
going on and on and on about nothing much in particular. So how's
everybody doin'? Got plenty of Froot Loops? Good thing this ain't the
Post Office, eh? Mail might not go through.

Be sure to let me know if you don't get this.

On Thu, 1 Aug 1996, Dr P Barker wrote:

**the point**
Lynx didn't seem to tell me the URL of the page I was on: is
this because of the version I was using (dunno which that was,
but I guess I can get access to others) or is it hidden away

It's hidden (at least in the v2.5 I use). Type "k" for keystroke
command help, type "o" for options, "u" to set user mode, change
it to "advanced," then hit (cr) and ">" to make the change

.....................uuuu / oo \
uuuu........,............................. William Beaty

Put your right ring finger in your left ear, stand on one leg,
rotate at 2.77834 rad/sec and whistle a happy tune. A REALLY happy

Works like a charm.

The things we don't do for speed, eh? 8-)

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