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Re: Physics First

Hi all-
James McLean writes:
This might be a totally unworkable idea, but...
would it be possible to rotate through each subject, spending a third af a
year on each? Does that get around the need to have teachers qualified in
more than one area? You'd still want some cross over, of course, but maybe
that would minimize it?
Not only not unworkable, but that's the way it was done once
upon a time. I remember with fondness a 9th grade science course that
was taught under the rubric "general science" (the year was 1937). It
was a general introduction to what the world was like. I can still
remember debates about what would happen if there were no friction.
We probably covered a bit of botany, chemistry, and descriptive
physics. I proably learned about refrigerators (not every one had one),
stoves, and rudimentary climatology. It would be fun to find a textbook
from those days.
Ah, well, "Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose."