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Could somebody PLEASE answer these questions? I beg thee...

Dear science boffins,

I`m sending this in case my last message did not get through!

COuld you please answer these questions as my exam is on Thursday morning and
these are the only things that I am unsure of!

I have finally learnt how to convert metric units which was my last problem
but now
I have some more problems :(

I would really appreciate it if someone could go through these questions and
tell me the answers. I`m sure they wouldn`t be difficult for someone who
doesn`t have an exam on Thursday! Some only require a yes or a no. Here they

1). What is a definition of an
a). Unit cell
b). Crystal Lattice
c). lattice points

2). Can a metal element ever react with another metal element?

3). What is the easiest in which one can determine whether a MOLECULE will
be polar or not?

4). How does one determine which of two polar bonds are more polar?

5). What is the difference between "saturated vapour pressure" and vapour
pressure and which of these two determine whether a liquid can boil or not?

6). Do gases have a fixed volume?

7). Is an ionic substance like NaCl taken to be polar, as in having a negative
and positive end?

8). Is there such a thing in real life as an ideal gas and what is an example
of it?

9). How would you determine which of the following gases would be more ideal?
Ammonia, Hydrogen Chloride, Helium, Neon (*Place them into order of ideal
to least ideal and please give a reason why*)

10). How would you calculate the concentration of Sulphur ions in 2 mol Sodium
Sulphate in 100cm^3 of water?

11). Can sulphur exist in the "S" form and how does this conflict with S8.

12). If you have an ion e.g. Li^+ then what kind of solid is it and what kind
of inter-particle forces are there?

13). In the bonds between the carbon allotropes, diamond and graphite, what
are the inter-particle forces, covalent forces or Van der waals forces?

That`s all for now folks, and once again, many thanks. At least one South
African student might get an A+ for physics this semester!
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