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Re: Van de Graaff

Violeta Grigorescu Tanase wrote:

I am about to do the Van de Graaff generator demo. I have tried it before
with some smaller devices and I did not have much success. Now I have a
generator with a rather large sphere. A student of mine told me that it
works better when one has hair jelly on his/her hair. Is it true? How
about the length of time a person needs to wait in order to get discharged.
(!!) Would shoes with rubber soles provide enough insulation?
..........Well, if I don't see anything signed by me anymore, you'll know
that I didn't do it right. ;-)


The best success I've had with a Van der Graf is when I used a thick
sheet of foam rubber as an insulator. Also, it helps to ground the base of
the Van der Graf

Ed Schweber (
Solomon Schechter Day School
West Orange, NJ