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AP Exams 96

A belated posting on the changes I see as significant on the AP Exam for this

1. Calculators willNOT be allowed on the multiple choice portion of either
test (B or C). Any calculations needed will "be kept simple".

2. Calculators will be allowed on the free response. These can be graphing or
programmable and the student "will no longer be required to erase their
memories". They may not share the calculators, they cannot have qwerty
keyboards. Those with infrared communicators will have to have the ports
covered with black tape.

3. Tables containing commonly used physics equations will be printed on the
green inserts provided when taking the free response questions. They are NOT
available for the multiple choice portions of the exams. Students cannot
bring their own copies of the equations sheets.

There is considerable print to explain the equations which were distributed
with the course description, more than I care to type here. The multitude of
symbols for the same issue is handled by the legend printed. Bold face for
vectors, Delta for change etc

Hope this helps,

ken fox