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physics positions at UMass Dartmouth

Kindly bring this notice to the attention to anyone you know that might be
interested in a university physics teaching position, beginning this fall.
Thank you. We expect to have ads ready soon for a professional technician
and two joint positions for Physical Oceanographers.

The Department of Physics, UMass Dartmouth invites applications for a
non-tenure track position as a Full-time Visiting Lecturer (FTVL). The
successful applicant should have a physics PhD with a specialty in
materials science/condensed matter, excellent teaching skills, several
years college teaching experience. Please send curriculum vitae and the
names of three references to Paul Ukleja at the address given below.

The Department of Physics also invites applications for Part-time Visiting
Lecturers (PTVL) to teach astronomy, planet earth, statistical
thermodynamics, solid state physics and other courses as well as labs and
recitations. Masters or ABD required; PhD & prior college teaching
experience preferred. Please send curriculum vitae and the names of three
references to Paul Ukleja at the address given below.

We may have need for a lecturer in a sophomore level course: Intro to Mod.
Phys. in the Fall and General Physics (non-calculus, for Biology students)
in the summer.

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is an Affirmative Action/Equal
Opportunity Employer and encourages applications of female and minority

Unless otherwise stated Full-time Visiting Lecturer appointments
(non-tenure track) are for entire academic year; Part-time Visiting
Lecturer appointments are for fall semester, possibly renewable for spring
semester if mutually agreeable to the faculty member and the University.

Review of applications will continue until positions are filled.

Paul Ukleja
Department of Physics
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
285 Old Westport Rd.
North Dartmouth, MA 02747-2300

Email: (Can usually handle attached files)

Fax: 508-999-9115

Phone: 508-999-8354

WWW: see for information about
other positions, the university and the area. Our department's (rather
pathetically out of date but soon to be fixed up) page is currently

but you may be safer accessing through the university's home page (also,
shorter to type):

Paul Ukleja
Chairperson, Physics Dept.