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faculty position

To: Readers of Phys-L
Re:Announcement of a Physics Faculty Position

Would you kindly bring this notice to the attention to anyone you
know that might be interested in a university physics teaching
position, beginning this fall. Thank you.

University of Evansville

The University of Evansville has an opening for a one year faculty
position in the Department of Physics to be filled by August of 1996.
Applicants should have a Ph.D. in Physics and a strong interest in
teaching undergraduates especially introductory physics courses. The
teaching load will be approximately 12 hours per semester. Send
application letter, resume', transcripts and 3 letters of reference

Dr. Ben Riley, Chair, Department of Physics
University of Evansville, Evansville, IN 47722


Fax: 812-479-2621

Phone: 812-479-2612

The University of Evansville is an independent, church-related,
selective admissions University located in a city of 135,000 in
southwestern Indiana. It offers a comprehensive program of
instruction including liberal arts and sciences, engineering,
business, nursing, physical therapy, and education. Enrollment
numbers approximately 2,700 full-time students. The University also
includes a study abroad campus in England, Harlaxton College.

The University of Evansville operates under a nondiscriminatory
policy with regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender,
age or disability.