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Re: crib sheets

I am very grateful that you brought up the fact that there are changes in
the way the AP exam is administered this year. Lately I've been very upset
that somewhere in between our AP guide and my dept head all the AP info
got lost! Arrrrrgh! I can't say more!! Anyhow: I will contact the AP
people directly to get a copy of that bulletin. As far as I know their
materials arrive in about three weeks from the day one placed the order.
Meanwhile could you post a message summarizing all the changes they
announced? Thanks!!
Violeta Grigorescu
Collegiate School

On Mar 30, 1996 05:30:59, ' (ken fox)' wrote:

I had not heard the students could bring in a crib sheet to the AP exam.

I got a not of exam changes but this was not included. How was this
notice published. Thanks for the info.


The sheets are provided by the AP people, I presume. A copy of the sheets
in this year's bulletin. Let me know privately if you have difficulty in
finding a copy.

Ken Fox
Smoky Hill High School
16100 Smoky Hill Rd.
Aurora, CO. 80015