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RE: Comet Question from the past?

From: MSUPA::SNYDERS "Sheron Snyder" 27-MAR-1996 08:10:48.16
Subj: Comet Question from the past?

From: SMTP%"" 26-MAR-1996 15:40:52.99
Subj: 1957 Comet

The best comet I ever saw was while visiting my relatives in Boise Idaho,
Easter week of 1957. It lay right across the zenith in the early
nighttime. The tail was at least 30 degrees long and easily naked-eye
visible. Judging from my subsequent experience in the intervening 40
years, I would say that it should have been memorable, but no one I have
ever asked remembers it, nor is it mentioned in any of the number of
introductory Astronomy texts I have used over the decades. Does anyone else
remember seeing this comet, and if so, did it have a name?

Comet Arend-Roland, discovered 1956 Nov 8. Closest approach to the Sun was
on 1957 April 8 (UT), at a distance of about 29.5 million miles. I remember
seeing it in the northwest evening sky that year. For a summary of its
appearance, see the June and July 1957 issues of Sky & Telescope magazine.
As it happens, there was another bright comet in evening skies that year,
Comet Mrkos, in August.

The temp here last night was -15 F and the sky was full of blowing snow, so
Hyakutake continues to be a small fuzzball as far as we are concerned --
no one wants to stay outside long enuf to become dark adapted. Margaret
Clarke in Duluth.

Here is the Challenge Can you help her out?

Try getting dark adapted indoors, by turning out the lights for 15 minutes
or so, then walking outdoors to see the comet. On Thursday morning, March
27, viewing from a dark site after the Moon had set, I saw a tail
35 degrees long!

Bob Victor