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Re: Reading the problem

*Reading the problem *
f_espinosa@VENUS.TWU.EDU wrote on Wed, 27 Mar 1996 08:49:34 CST :

Rule number 1 is to:
Read the problem (slowly and carefully). On the first day of class I

Tell us the rest too?

I have never been able to
understand why anybody would give a physics test that was closed-book.

I'll give you a reason: In our school-system every student has to
pass my physics-courses. Of course not everyone is able to reach
understanding of the concepts. The best thing the weak ones can
do is learn (the 'vocabularies', 'sentences' and decriptions). If
I left those things away in my tests they had no chance. OTOH it
would be silly to ask for items they find readily in the book and
thenallow them to use the book.

Bye, bye
+please correct me, if I misuse some technical terms+
Guntbert Reiter, Graz, Austria
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