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Re: 1957 Comet

The best comet I ever saw was while visiting my relatives in Boise Idaho,
Easter week of 1957. Does anyone else
remember seeing this comet, and if so, did it have a name?

Clarke in Duluth.

These are all the 1957 comets I could track down. I haven't been able
to find magnitude estimates or exact dates yet but if I do, I'll let
you know (not really surprising since there are a gazillion of these
things). I seem to recall that Mrkos was a pretty bright one so
perhaps that was it.

26P 1957 I = 1956i Grigg-Skjellerup

10P 1957 II = 1956e Tempel 2

C/1956 R1 1957 III = 1956h Arend-Roland

29P 1957 IV Schwassmann-Wachmann 1

C/1957 P1 1957 V = 1957d Mrkos
C/1956 F1 1957 VI = 1956c Wirtanen

49P/1958 B1 1957 VII = 1958b Arend-Rigaux

2P 1957 VIII = 1957c Encke

C/1957 U1 1957 IX = 1957f Latyshev-Wild-Burnham

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