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RE: mcats

Hello to All
" I don't like it...but I use mc quizzes"!
Three years ago, I gave my students the answer cards for a 40-mc quiz. No
questions were given. They "guessed" the answers then I gave them the quiz
with a new answer card of course! SURPRISE..They scored less the second
time [guessing was 30%; answering was 24%]...
I still give mc quizzes because we can ask MORE questions. I don't like it,

I guess my point is that not-using a guessing penalty and in fact
encouraging guessing is INCONSISTENT with the advice. My advice IS--work
carefully even if that means slowly, and when they annouce 1 minute left,
mark 'C' for any questions you haven't answered. BUT--how many students
will do it that way? The strong temptation IS to BE SURE to look at
EVERY QUESTION and take a guess and that means--WORK QUICKLY (and knowing