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Position announcement

The Engineering and Science Division of the Community and Technical College at
the University of Akron is searching for an Assistant Professor of Polymer
Technology. This is a tenure track position to start in Fall 1996. Minimum
requirements include a master's degree in Polymer Engineering, Polymer Science,
or other related technical discipline and a minimum of three years of polymer
industrial experience. Teaching experience and professional affiliations are d
esirable but not required. Duties include teaching lecture and laboratory cour
ses, curriculum development, and program promotion. Send vita, copies of trans
cripts of all post-secondary education, and three professional letters of refer
ence (including addresses and phone numbers) to:

Prof. Susan Ramlo, Search Committee Chair
Engineering and Science Technology Division
Community & Technical College
The University of Akron
Akron, OH 44325-6104

U of Akron is an equal opportunity employer.

If you are not interested but know of someone who might be, please forward them
this message.