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Re: Comet Hyakutake? YES!!!!

I live on the southwest Washington coast. Last night it froze, with
crystal clear skies. What a beaut! Tails at least 25 degrees. Viewed it
at midnight, and again at 3 AM. What a sight!


On Mon, 25 Mar 1996 wrote:

Well worth the wait! Bright nucleus with sharp, clear jet in 1/2 degree
field of view. Tail extending 25+ degrees once eyes were dark-adapted.
25 degrees!!??
Those are really fine dark-adapted eyes!...
or may be the conditions were better than your description
Anyone else agree with this 25deg?
Miguel Angel Santos

Yep. I measured the tail to be about 1 1/4 the length of the
handle of the Big Dipper, which according to my chart gives about a 20
degree length. I saw it last night in Connecticut. I live in a rural
area with fairly dark skies.

Mike Monce
Connecticut College

Larry Holland
Ilwaco Jr/Sr High School
Ilwaco, WA