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Re: Comet Hyakutake? YES!!!!

inexpensive pair of 7X35 binoculars it almost appeared to have two pright
centers (but maybe that was my retina problem showing up). So maybe the
dust tails (as reported on various places on the WWW) are appearing very
bright. I did not expect to see the the bright center so well defined
from the surrounding dimmer coma. My guess is that the coma close to the
nucleus is much much denser than that further out.

Dr. Richard L. Bowman
Dept. of Physics e-mail:
Bridgewater College phone: 540-828-5441
Bridgewater, VA 22812 FAX: 540-828-5479
Hi all!
Well I saw it on friday and saturday night, with a 10x50 binoculars,
and a pair of 200mm and 300mm dobsons. I can't confirm neither your
second nucleus nor your guess on the grade of condensation of the
coma. In a scale from 0 to 9(=coma completly condensate around the
coma) I would give it a 5. (Of course this is very subjective).
I wouldn't give the tail more than 10-12 deg. My guess for it's
magnitude is slightly brighter than Arcturus, but I did this with
my binoculars and the comet is too bright for this being the right
Nevetheless IT WAS EXITING!
Miguel Angel Santos