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Re: New list is up/comet -Reply

> Thank you for all you do to keep this list-serve running. This is also
my test to see if the new list is working for me.
> Just to include some "physics", has anyone viewed the comet that is
now > visible? If so, what power binoculars is required?
> Lowell Herr

I have seen the comet the past two nights from the Ogden area here
in northern Utah. Tonight it will be just a little below Arcturus--about 6 or
8 degrees, about the width of your fist held at arm's length. Last night it
was about 15 degrees down from Arcturus, and made the right angle
vertex of a triangle with Arcturus and Spica to the south. You don't
need binoculars, though it is brighter and you can try and find a tail if you
have magnification. My 7x binocs help cut through some of the city light
pollution, also, but it is definitely visible with the naked eye. Monday
night, the closest approach to earth, it will be near the bowl of the Little
Dipper and Tuesday night it will be near Polaris.
It would be nice to get reports from others around the country about
how it looks from their area, whether a tail shows up, etc. From my
observations, it looks a little like a moth ball stuck up in the sky--kind of
fuzzy around the edges. I have not been able to see a tail yet, but I
intend to go out in country away from the city lights over the weekend to
get a better view.
Happy viewing!

Rondo Jeffery/
Weber State University/ Physics
Odgen, Utah