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Re: New list is up


Thank you for all you do to keep this list-serve running. This is also
my test to see if the new list is working for me.

Just to include some "physics", has anyone viewed the comet that is now
visible? If so, what power binoculars is required?

Lowell Herr
Project PHYSLab
The Catlin Gabel School
Portland, OR 97225
On Thu, 21 Mar 1996, Dick Smith wrote:

I believe that NEW phys-l:

is now up and running, as a look at the header lines of this message should
confirm. Effective immediately, please address all phys-l mail to the new

Those of you with non-standard options, such as CONCEAL, DIGEST or NOMAIL,
have been added to new phys-l with equivalent options in effect. It's
certainly possible that I've overlooked some detail, so please let me know
if you see your subscription behaving in some peculiar fashion.

To receive a list of commmands that you can issue to the server, send the
following to, with the following in the body of the

help listproc

and look over the possibilities. If you need to discuss the operation of
listproc or ask any questions in general, please address them to the list,
instead of to me privately, so that all can benefit from the discussion.

Dick Smith
Department of Physics
The University of West Florida
Pensacola, FL 32514