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Moving PHYS-L

I'm thinking of moving PHYS-L during Spring Break, and I'm trying to think
ahead how it might go. Any comments or suggestions?

I think the procedure is:

1. Set Listserv PHYS-L to HOLD

2. Retrieve the subscriber list with the GET PHYS-L command

3. Parse the list to identify all subscribers with their subscription options.

4. Paste the subscriber list into a long QUIET ADD PHYS-L PW job and submit
it to Listproc.

5. Copy all non-standard subscription options, such as DIGEST or NOMAIL,
into an equivalent SET command and submit them to Listproc.

6. Delete all subscribers from Listserv PHYS-L with the QUIET DEL PHYS-L *@*

7. Add as the single subscriber to This ensures that mail to the old address will be
forwarded to the new address.

8. RELEASE the old list.

Note: Since the old PHYS-L is still on the list of lists, I can expect new
subscribers still to show up at the old place. One way to handle this would
be to change to subscription-by-owner and then when I get the request simply
to add them manually to the new list instead. An alternative would be to let
the old PHYS-L accumulate subscriber and then move them over every week or
so, but the downside would be that the new subscribers would not receive new
phys-l distribution until they were moved. Any other suggestions?

Dick Smith
Department of Physics
The University of West Florida
Pensacola, FL 32514